Swiggy App Review: Save Money While Ordering Food Online

Tried all the food ordering apps in the market and yet looking for more?  Try Swiggy App on your mobile for a fresh new way to order food online. Whether you skipped your breakfast or fighting the late night hunger pangs, Swiggy lets you order from any restaurant at any time( according to the opening timings). The neighborhood food delivery system is truly a life saver.


Choose from a variety of restaurants and you can pick up from the menus and order it, once the food is prepared the delivery guys from Swiggy will pick up your order and deliver it to your doorstep.

Let’s look at some features of the app


  1. Deliver even the small order

Most of the times we wish to order for only a single person, in that case most restaurants lets you order for a minimum amount but on Swiggy, you can order for even the smallest order. There is no limit on the minimum order value; every order is eligible for delivery.

  1. Friendly Interface

The app is user friendly, the pictures in the various menus is tempting and inviting. The app picks up your location and shows you the restaurants available for delivery around. The cost of for two is written in front of each item thus making it easy to choose. You can pick out the items according to your pocket.

  1. Real time Delivery status

Since it will pick up your location (once it obtains your permission) and you have placed your order, you can check the status of your order and track the estimated time of delivery.  You can mark your location on the inbuilt map and track how far your order has reached. If you are ordering for the first time you can judge the food based on the pictures in the menu. Easy and convenient!

  1. Delivery fleet

Swiggy has its own delivery fleet that picks up your order from the restaurant and delivers it to your doorstep. It makes delivery easy and fast. You can even order from those restaurants which do not deliver themselves.  They work on their own algorithm for maximum speed and efficiency.

  1. Various online Payment Options

The app has an easy checkout system. You can pay for your order through your Debit card, Credit Card, Net Banking or Cash on Delivery. The easy and convenient payment options help you for a hassle free checkout.

Swiggy App

Even though Swiggy is a late entry in the already crowded food delivery apps, it is slowly making its place with its unique delivery system and Swiggy App coupons to lure foodies. It truly is a smart app to order food online. The app is now available only selected places like Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Gurgaon. But in the coming years it will expand and include more restaurants as well as more cities where you can enjoy the app. download the new Swiggy App and order your food from your mobile and enjoy a small or a large meal.


  1. Bosstechy says:

    Nice app review.. Now I can easily purchase foods online, right?

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