10 App to improve your productivity very quickly

In this article, we will review 10 apps that promise to improve your business productivity. In today’s world, everyone wants to be more productive in less time, in order to earn a high return. However, before starting with the apps, we should tell you what we mean by productivity here. These apps will save you […]

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages in 2 mins! Android and iPhone Solutions

Suddenly you realize that you have deleted some important WhatsApp message by mistake or accident and now you want the deleted whatsapp msgs back for whatever may be the purpose. In this age of technology everything is retrievable and even deleted messages. So, don’t worry Android data recovery can solve your problem in a few […]

Best 5 Free VPN For Android Devices – 2016 (Updated)

Welcome back, today we are going to share the best 5 free vpn for your Android smartphone, which you can use for accessing web privately on your phone for free. There is a lot of free VPNs available online, so it’s hard to select the best one. That’s the reason that we may miss some […]

Lenovo Vibe P1 4G Phablet – Detailed Review

LENOVO is one of the leading companies in the world. It manufactures not only smartphones but also tabets,computers etc. Lenovo, it has the excellent specifications and a user friendly mobile. Lenovo vibe P1 follows current trend in all the ways. Lenovo is a phablet, looks more than a smartphone but less than a tablet . […]

ECOO E05 4G Smartphone -Detailed Review

ECOO E05 is a 4G impressive smartphone from ECOO smartphone manufacturer. The EC00 E05 is an unlocked 4G device which is launched firstly in USA and now available in nearest markets. The price of the ECOO is very less and user friendly where even a middle class member can buy it. The price of ECOO […]


Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro 4G (4th generation) LTE (Long Term Evolution) dual Sim 4.7inch phone with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM with a processing speed of 1.2Ghz quad-core Qualcomn snapdragon 410 with smooth interface along with 8MP f2.2 rear camera and 2MP front camera (selfie cam )has been released for cost of $182.94. To make […]

{How To} Get Mi Band For Rs. 1/- Only

So welcome everyone as you all know that xiaomi organised a event in New Delhi for their two big launchs, Xiaomi Mi4i and Mi Band. Actually their main concept was to make people aware of their health using Mi Band and thats the reasom why they wanted to sell first 1000 Mi Bands for Re. […]

Earn Free Recharge with Download MCent Android App (APK) 2015

D0wnload Mcent APK: Hello Everyone, hope you all are doing well.!! Now days there are various mobiles apps available which are giving free recharges to us, They offer some Apps to download & Whenever you download the apps you will get some recharge amount, you can get Rs. 10/- Recharge to Rs. 150/- per app […]

Top 5 Android Launchers for Android Smartphone – 2015 List..!

Hi fellas! Here is our new post in our awesome blog! This is about android launchers. Yep! Your guess is right about android launchers. People often talk about android apps, but what are android launchers? An android launcher”  s is nothing but an android interface that allows the user to customize the home screen, launch […]

Earn Rs. 500/- Free Mobile Recharge with Download Ladoo Android App 2016

Hey Guys today we are going to tell you How to Earn Free Recharge Online. Yes, you heard it right, you can easily earn free recharge online 2015. You are thinking, then how can I earn free talktime, so To earn free talk time or recharge online you have to download an awesome app. The […]