Facebook Friends Suggestion Troller

A new Facebook prank is trending on Facebook. This prank is about suggesting your friends to themselves and your friends start to think that they have received a friend request from their own account. Facebook social toolkit is all in one Facebook marketing tool. this tool is packed with unlimited possibilities. You can use this […]

How To Earn Money From Facebook Without Investment

Facebook is not just a website to share fun and feelings, but also to earn huge bucks into your pocket. Perhaps, it has become one of the best platforms to expand ones business in online and internet. To make money using Facebook, you have to approach the genuine ways instead of fraud ways. Because there […]

How to view privately hidden profile pictures in facebook(fb)

facebook is worlds largest social networking site,most of the facebook users set their display pictures/profile pictures as un clickable i.e. they keep their profile pictures hidden from others because the photos may be misused.Now,i am going to share a trick with help of this trick you can view privately hidden DP’s in fb.By using this […]

Block Facebook App Request/Notification And Suggestions

Facebook has started its business as an online media in 2004. Since its inception, it started dominating the then online media Orkut and started to occupy the entire market slowly. That’s the beginning. At the moment, there is no one on this planet who doesn’t know about Facebook and who doesn’t have a Facebook account. […]

How to Stop People Tagging in Facebook ?

Facebook is the social networking site that connects everyone, wherever you’re around the planet. One of the annoying features in Facebook is tagging your names In it. Once your name is tagged in someone’s image or a status update, it gives rise to number of notifications that will annoy you for sure. Here we are […]