20 Free Sans Serif Fonts to Download

Simplicity along with modernity is the demand of present scenario. The same goes with the content on every website. Whenever we prepare the content for marketing, we make sure that the fonts used in writing the content are simple as well as understandable by the readers. The sans serif letterform is used very commonly for […]

How To Prevent MACBOOK Charger/ Adapter From Overheating

Apple’s newly launched MacBook Air 13.3 inch is an excellent gadget in recent times and it has dominated the whole market. But there is something we need to concern about. While using MacBook some of us faced a common problem and that is its overheating. It’s one of the main problems of MacBook that within […]

How to Record Video Using iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on Mac

OS X Yosemite is the latest release from Mac which is more suitable with IOS devices than before and it has more functions to tweak your gadget. But how would you record video using iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on Mac??? You can record videos on Mac without any external apps. Sounds cool, Huh! Recently […]

How to easily install and Dual-Boot Windows 8 on Apple MAC

Do you know how to install and dual-boot Windows 8 on your Apple Mac? Windows 8 is Microsoft Company’s recent polished and fresh OS for windows but how would you  install it in your Mac OS X devices? Nowadays installing and dual-booting OS 8 in a Mac OS X Mountain Lion are so effortless to do. […]

How to Reset Forgotten Mac User Password in Recovery Mode

Do you know how to reset forgotten Mac user Password Without CD Or Boot Drive in recovery mode? It is the most natty way to reorganize your Mac password when all the other options not working for you. When you don’t have any CD or Boot drive then this trick is the best from many people’s […]