Is it possible to be optimistic Together?

My answer for this is be yes. It may not be possible to show your optimism all the day to everyone, but still you can be optimistic with the work you are doing. You need an inner peace to keep doing what you love to do. To maintain this, you have to perform a simple […]

Anything can happen! – But never quit!

This slogan kind of thing is not a new one, but this is what we do in the process of reaching our goals. We give up very easily. We don’t have all the skills to reach the goals in the beginning. We all have got talent, but skill is something that is developed after a […]

Mulund’s Nirmal Lifestyle to Shut: Why This Lifestyle Mall is Shutting Down

Mumbai is recently facing a problem when it comes to the mall business. This is because malls are no longer considered as lucrative and as rewarding as they used to be. Moreover, there is heavy investment, high gestation cost, heavy maintenance cost and extremely low returns. The latest casualty of this has been experienced by […]