How to Nail a Job Interview

Have you decided to take the next step in your career and secure a new position with a new firm?  Congratulations on your ambition and initiative. If you’ve indeed landed an interview with a new employer, remind yourself that you would not be scheduled for this interview if you did not have the skill set […]

Top 10 Free Antivirus App For Android Phone 2016

Welcome folks, as you all know that nowadays android devices are becoming popular day by day so we are here with some of the best antivirus for your android devices which can be trusted in year 2015. As everyone loves to keep their phone loaded with lots of apps, music’s and video songs they might […]

How To Prevent MACBOOK Charger/ Adapter From Overheating

Apple’s newly launched MacBook Air 13.3 inch is an excellent gadget in recent times and it has dominated the whole market. But there is something we need to concern about. While using MacBook some of us faced a common problem and that is its overheating. It’s one of the main problems of MacBook that within […]

{How To} Get Mi Band For Rs. 1/- Only

So welcome everyone as you all know that xiaomi organised a event in New Delhi for their two big launchs, Xiaomi Mi4i and Mi Band. Actually their main concept was to make people aware of their health using Mi Band and thats the reasom why they wanted to sell first 1000 Mi Bands for Re. […]

How to access Linux partitions from Windows 7,8 and XP

Linux is one of the most popular OS voted by the users and it was famous since it has been tatty in nearly all kind of electronic devices. Also Linux Distros are giving windows like GUI. Nowadays there are many free stuffs available on the internet to help you for replacing your windows system. Even, […]

Top 5 Android Launchers for Android Smartphone – 2015 List..!

Hi fellas! Here is our new post in our awesome blog! This is about android launchers. Yep! Your guess is right about android launchers. People often talk about android apps, but what are android launchers? An android launcher”  s is nothing but an android interface that allows the user to customize the home screen, launch […]


No wonder that adobe flash player is one of the most significant software in windows pc. Like that AFP (Adobe Flash Player) is also important for android OS system. It supports vector graphics, 3D graphic’s, animations, games and also helps to stream videos and audio files. Unluckily the adobe developers break off their progress for […]

How to protect your Wifi connection in 6 Steps

In today’s day and age with the dawn of smartphones, WIFI has become almost indispensable. The ease of using wireless internet has fuelled the use. However, with ease also comes the question of security. If you can access your WIFI netwrok by the click of a button, anyone else can also do it and you […]

Free mobile recharge trick 2015 through surveys.

Hey everyone! Here I’m today to explain you how to earn mobile recharges and the other gift vouchers from This is an Indian online survey panel for product review and market analysis. So far, One of my friends have earned Rs. 1250 mobile recharge and counting. This can get paid doing surveys. After the […]

How To Increase Internet Speed In 2015

By looking over the title, everyone is eager to know the way to increase the internet speed. In this article, am going to deal with how to increase the internet speed. I know that you are reading this article because your broadband speed sucks.You’re in the need to increase the internet speed, because your surfing […]